We Like Frida Tacos

Frida Tacos opened a few months ago on Melrose Avenue (between Alta Vista and Formosa), and it has turned into a really good and inexpensive lunch option in our neighborhood.  It is an offshoot of the Frida Restaurant mini-chain that has branches in Beverly Hills, Glendale, and San Diego.

We actually like the burritos here better than the tacos.  The burrito pastor (roasted pork in marinated sauce) is especially recommended.  And for those night owls looking for a late night snack, Frida Tacos is open until midnight on weeknights, and until 3:00 am on weekends.

If you go, say hello to the friendly staff, including Santiago and Daniel (pictured below).

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3 Responses to We Like Frida Tacos

  1. Yes, we do too over at Melrose Elementary! They bought one of our Christmas trees for our Washington D.C. fundraiser and were very friendly. Thanks again!

  2. Alisa E. says:

    I love Frida Tacos. It’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood. They’re very friendly and I love seeing lots of local faces walking in and out of there. We needed it in the area. I was tired of going to Los Burros for my Mexican food fix.

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