Paul Koretz Speaks to Full House

City Councilmember Paul Koretz spoke to a full house last night at Blu Jam Cafe.  Forty community members packed into the restaurant for a meeting of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch.

Koretz, who has been in office for 18 months, spoke about the planned Melrose Village Business Improvement District, continuing legal and regulatory issues surrounding the proliferation of marijuana stores, the City’s financial crisis, and other topics.  He also took more than a dozen questions from the audience.  Not surprisingly, the most heated comments concerned parking, specifically the proposal for a new permit parking zone.

Paul Koretz is pictured above with Paul Lerner, co-founder of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch.  Thanks to John Darnell for the photo.

At the beginning of the meeting, LAPD Officer Art Gallegos gave a crime report.  He noted that crime was relatively low during the recent holiday season.  He asked people what their public safety concerns were, and the comments ranged from mentally ill vagrants, to graffiti, to pot stores and other problems.

Nicole Carcel, our new field representative from Assemblymember Mike Feuer’s office, was also on hand to meet community members.  Nicole replaced Haeyoung Kim, who has moved to Washington DC to accept a position with the US State Department.  Nicole can be reached at

The next meeting of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch will take place Wednesday, March 2.

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One Response to Paul Koretz Speaks to Full House

  1. The parking issue is such a tough one but at the end of the day the residential streets shouldn’t be parking lots for the businesses. Especially the bars and after hours places where many drunk patrons make a lot of noise and trash on the way back to their cars. It the same story where a small group of disrespectful people ruin it for everyone else. The parking permit zones need to be there in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine not having them on my street. We pay big money for our homes and we put up with a lot that comes with city living. Some people and quiet during the evening hours shouldn’t be something we have to fight for. Let people park during the day for 2 hours but after 6pm, the parking lot called our residential streets need to close except to residents and their guests. Why not a tram or shuttle from Fairfax high that shuttles the patrons to the businesses during the evening hours? There is a solution and it may not be everyone’s first choice but we need to embrace it and make changes and move on to the next problem otherwise we have endless meetings arguing aimlessly about the same issues. No one will just pull the trigger and make a decision.

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