Off-Leash Dog Park to be Built in Plummer Park

An off-leash dog area will be built in Plummer Park, in West Hollywood.  This new area will meet the demand of dog owners who have been hoping for an off-leash area closer to us than Runyon Canyon Park.  It should also reduce the number of dog owners who have illegally let their dogs off leash in Poinsettia Recreation Center – leading to conflicts with other park users as well as the police officers who have been called in to address those conflicts.

If you want to know more about this new dog park, and see the rest of the improvements planned for Plummer Park, you can attend a meeting at the park this Saturday.  Here is the information sent out by the City of West Hollywood:

The spectacular plans for the redesign of Plummer Park will be discussed and on display this Saturday at Fiesta Hall from 10am until noon.  This is your opportunity to see the many upgrades being proposed for Plummer Park–new parking, new theater, more greenspace and numerous and exciting improvements overall.  Fiesta Hall is located in Plummer Park at 7377 Santa Monica Boulevard with parking on-site.  For more information, please call 323-848-6895.






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2 Responses to Off-Leash Dog Park to be Built in Plummer Park

  1. Bob Abrahams says:

    If you’re walking to Fiesta hall in West Hollywood’s Plummer Park, it’s best to walk up Vista St. The front of Fiesta Hall is at 1200 N/ Vista St.

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