Neighbor Helps Catch Criminal, Makes our Community Safer

Attentive neighbors and organized neighborhood watch programs make communities safer.  As evidence, read this report that our LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Art Gallegos, sent out recently:

A “reported burglary occurred between 12/19/10 10:00 p.m. – 12/23/10 12:00 p.m.  Suspect entered location and removed property, then retrieved vehicle keys and took Victim’s vehicles without permission (GTA).  A report was taken, and information regarding the crime and vehicles were quickly passed to Wilshire Patrol Officers.

“On 12/24/10, at approx 0645 hrs, Officer Brunn and Officer Figueroa were working basic car 7A1.  Both officers were aware of the incident, when they responded to a radio call of a concerned citizen reporting a male white (later identified as the Suspect) taking items out of a Toyota Prius, and placing them in a Range Rover on the 700 block of N. Edinburgh Ave.  The citizen felt the Suspect’s actions were suspicious, so she notified the police. Suspect observed the Citizen calling the police and fled the location in the Range Rover, leaving the Toyota at scene.  Undetermined, both Officer Brunn and Officer Figueroa maintained discipline by staying in the area, knowing the Suspect most likely resided near by.  Sure enough, that same day at approx 9:30 a.m, Officers observed the vehicle driving eastbound Clinton Ave at Edinburgh Ave.  Once the Suspect observed the black and white, he quickly parked his vehicle and attempted to walk away.  Suspect was immediately taken into custody without incident.

“Suspect was arrested for burglary, with additional filings for grand theft auto.  I would like to commend the two Officers and Citizen for an outstanding effort in catching a career criminal… ”

Because of this alert and assertive neighbor, other people in our community will not have their homes and cars burglarized.  Thank you!

To sign up for Officer Gallegos’ e-policing newsletter, just follow the directions on the LAPD E-Policing site.

And to speak directly with Officer Gallegos about public safety issues and crime prevention, come to the meeting of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch this Wednesday, at 7:30 pm, at Blu Jam Cafe.

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  1. jimmymartinez says:

    Thank you Officer G

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