Paul Koretz to speak at Jan. 5 Melrose Action meeting

Paul Koretz, our Los Angeles City Council member, will speak at the next meeting of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch.  The meeting will take place Wednesday, January 5, at 7:30 pm, at Blu Jam Cafe.

Come and hear Paul talk about issues of interest to our neighborhood, including the proposed permit parking district, the planned Melrose Village BID, and the continuing problems in regulating medical marijuana storefronts.

Paul will also take your questions.  This meeting is open to the community, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Our City Council member is the person who has the greatest influence over what happens in our neighborhood.  Don’t miss this opportunity to speak directly with him.

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One Response to Paul Koretz to speak at Jan. 5 Melrose Action meeting

  1. joan fitzpatrick says:

    Would this be the time to mention all the huge humps on our sidewalks? Tree roots are making it dangerous to walk on Waring and Willoughby, as well as other north/south streets. The north side of Willoughby is West Hollywood – where they are constantly working on the sidewalks. They just finished the 900 block of Stanley and the block on Willoughby between Stanley and Spaulding. Nothing on the south side, which is Los Angeles!!
    I was running with my dog on Waring at Curson and took a bad fall on one of those bumps from the tree roots. Couldn’t work for 2 weeks and spent the day at Cedars Sinai hospital. I can’t be the only one.

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