Now it will be even harder to get a reservation for a Family Dinner at Mozza

Once again, the Melrose Village blog was ahead of the curve.

Two months ago, we posted about the family dinners at Mozza, on Melrose at Highland.  Well, we hope you went and visited, or at least made your reservation to do so.  Because it just got a lot harder.

That’s because the New York Times has published a glowing article about the family dinners, written by Adam Nagourney, a veteran reporter who recently became the paper’s Los Angeles bureau chief.

Needless to say, he liked the family dinners.  Nagourney writes, “It was all quite wonderful, if overwhelming. When Mr. Colby circled the table brandishing the gleaming pork shoulder, almost as if he were daring us, I wanted to scream ‘Uncle,’ though of course I did not.”

We did learn a couple things, most importantly that the chef of the family dinners, Chad Colby, is “thinking about menus celebrating citrus, lamb, goat, seafood and chilies.”

A lamb dinner?  We would so be there….

To see what’s coming up at Mozza, check out their web site.  Happy eating.

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