FilmLA is Here to Help with Filming Problems

FilmLA has been making a concerted effort to inform Los Angeles communities that it’s here to help in cases where film crews cause problems in neighborhoods.

Geoffrey Smith, FilmLA’s Director of Community Relations, has recently spoken at both Mid City West Community Council and Melrose Action meetings.  He said that most film crews are professional, and respectful of neighbors and neighborhoods.

Some crews or crew members can cause problems, though.  For example, creating excessive noise, smoking right next to homes, or leaving trash on the street and parkways.  If problems like these occur, FilmLA wants to hear about them right away, so it can intercede and try to solve the problems.

Just call FilmLA’s 24-hour phone line, at 213-977-8600.  Someone will either answer the phone, or get back to you quickly, to work on the problem.

Because we enjoy seeing a movie star filming in our neighborhood.  But we don’t enjoy hearing his assistant scream into his cell phone at 2 in the morning.

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