Melrose Village BID moving forward

The push to create a Business Improvement District (BID) for Melrose Village continues to move forward.  The City’s Jobs and Business Development Committee recently approved a motion put forward by City Council member Paul Koretz to support the BID.  The motion now goes to the full Los Angeles City Council.

Melrose Village commercial property owners will then hold a vote to establish the BID, which would be paid for through increased property taxes on all commercial properties.  The funds raised this way will pay for BID activities, which could include cleaning up the streets, providing private security patrols, increasing trash pickup, painting over graffiti, and promoting the business district.

Some of the most popular shopping and dining areas in Southern California owe their success to having a BID, including Old Town Pasadena and parts of Hollywood and West Hollywood.

To learn more about the BID, you can attend the January 11 board meeting of Mid City West Community Council.  Denis and Sylvia Weintraub, two of the leaders of the Melrose Village Property Owners Association, are scheduled to make a presentation about the BID’s progress.  The meeting will be held Tuesday, January 11, at 7:00 pm, in the NCJW building at 543 N. Fairfax Avenue.

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