Italian food on La Brea and Melrose

The food section of today’s Los Angeles Times features two local restaurants.  There is a big review of Cube Marketplace & Cafe on La Brea – and it’s basically a rave.  The reviewer says, “Cube is a great little neighborhood restaurant, warm and familial, with honest seasonal cooking.”

The review doesn’t mention this, but we can fill you in:  Cube is good place to buy artisanal meats to eat at home.  We especially recommend the Tuscan ham and the mole salumi (salami made with mole – must be tasted to be believed).

The Times also has a small article about TiroVino, a new wine bar, which will open next month in the old All’ Angelo space on Melrose.  Of course, we scooped them on that one – this blog reported that news more than a month ago.  The item does add some interesting info, though.  In addition to wine, TiroVino will serve plenty of food, with an emphasis on small plates and homestyle Sicilian dishes.

Unfortunately, the Times refers to TiroVino as being in West Hollywood.  Oy vey.  West Hollywood starts 3 blocks north of Melrose around here.  This neighborhood is called Melrose Village (or just Melrose, if you prefer).  Oh, LA Times, LA Times.  We know that you have lost a lot of staff, and that you have fewer editors and fact-checkers than ever before.  We really do want you to do well, we support you, we subscribe (7 days a week!).  But can’t you check the Thomas Guide before you print a mistake like that?  Really?

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