Speaking Up Really Works in Improving Our Neighborhood

Do you think that it doesn’t matter if you speak up, that your words and actions won’t change things for the better?

Well, it does work.  The photo above is proof.

At the National Night Out event held in Poinsettia Recreation Center in August, our City Council member Paul Koretz was approached by a community member.  The resident pointed out that there was no stop sign at the intersection right in front of the park, at Willoughby Avenue and Fuller Avenue.  There was only a crosswalk there, but drivers sometimes did not slow down enough for pedestrians.  As a result, there had been some near-misses of people trying to enter the park.

Paul and his office took this concern very seriously, and worked with the Department of Transportation to get all-way stop signs installed.  Now, just four months later, the stop signs are in place, the intersection is less dangerous, and park patrons have safer access to our local park.

All it took was for one community member with a good idea to speak with one community leader who could get the job done.

Do you have ideas for improving the neighborhood?  Speak up.

Thanks to Paul Koretz, field deputy John Darnell, and everyone else who worked to get this done.

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3 Responses to Speaking Up Really Works in Improving Our Neighborhood

  1. carol banever says:

    added thanks to john darnell and paul koretz’s office for this seeming small and detailed action, but thanks also to melrose village blog because without getting the news out, not only would further community involvement perhaps be hindered, but few of us would know about this action and our potential to affect other actions.

  2. joan fitzpatrick says:

    Happy to see the STOP sign at Poinsettia Park. Two Comments:
    1. The lawn sprinklers right on Willoughby and Fuller spray onto the street, all the way down to Waring and Melrose every morning. Does this mean too much water? Could they be on too long? Did I hear water shortage?
    2. Perhaps there should be a big sign in the park, telling people it is not a poop park. Numerous dog owners take their dogs from the bldg next to the park, as well as others nearby, to do their business. They don’t walk them on the streets to do that — but take them where many people walk………on the grass in the park. Some quite shifty, looking around like criminals, hoping not to be caught……many do not speak English (or pretend they don’t)……and guess what nationality they are:) Do they pick up after their dogs? I did not go back to inspect. I would like to see 2 or 3 signs!

  3. If you have concerns about Poinsettia Recreation Center, or ideas of things it should do, contact the park’s director, Mario Ramirez. You can call Mario at 323-876-5014, or e-mail him at mario.ramirez@lacity.org.

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