Monday is your last chance to comment on permit parking zone

A new permit parking zone has been proposed for our neighborhood.  Are you for it?  Are you against it?  Or do you have some specific concern about it?
If you have not already submitted a comment to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, you only have until Monday to do so.  These comments are taken very seriously and have an impact on what is decided.  So, make your voice heard.
The borders of the proposed zone 132 would be Willoughby Avenue to the north, Fairfax Avenue to the west, Beverly Boulevard to the south, and Sierra Bonita Avenue to the east.
Some residents have been working for years to get a permit parking zone in this area. They say they often can’t find parking, because employees from The Grove, Farmers Market, and other businesses park for multiple hours on their residential blocks. There are many old apartment buildings in the area that were built with only a limited number of parking spots (or with no parking at all).
Some local businesses are opposed to the zone, however, because they are afraid that their customers will be less likely to come to Melrose Village if they can’t find street parking.  And some residents do not want to have to pay any permit parking fees.
Here is the announcement about the proposed zone from the City:

To submit a comment, e-mail Felix Valde of the Department of Transportation at   Refer to “PPD #132” in the subject line of your e-mail.

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5 Responses to Monday is your last chance to comment on permit parking zone

  1. Navid says:

    Maybe a good balance is to require permits to park a car after midnight. In this way, we solve the problem of having lots of random cars parked overnight in our streets. This will create a safer neighborhood so we do not have transients parked in front of our house and we can readily identify any suspicous cars that do not belong to our neighborhood. (Many West Hollywood residents half a block north of us park their cars in our streets so they do not have to purchase a permit for their own homes/apartments.)

    Not having any restrictions before midnight avoides the hassle of getting permits for guests and workers who come to our homes.

  2. David K says:

    TOTALLY AGAINST it. I live on one of the streets — in a house — and am NOT happy about having to cough up $130 a year just to park on my own street (which includes only 2 guest passes). Want to have a party? Guess what? It’s $2.50 PER GUEST PASS for extra guest passes. That’s right — 20 people invited to your house will cost you $50!!!! This is just a way for the city to take MORE of your money.

    NOW…having said that…if residents did not have to PAY for the “privilege” of parking on their own street, then I’d be in favor of preferred parking.

    But no way am I in favor of the city extorting even more money from homeowners.

  3. David K says:

    Just read the comment by Navid — and THAT is a GREAT solution!!!

    Just restrict parking between the hours of midnight and 8am. That WOULD solve the problem of residential parking in the evening, but still allow us homeowners to PARK in front of our own HOME without shelling out more of our hard-earned income!

    I LOVE your idea, Navid — great one.

  4. Marty says:

    Well David, Navid’s suggestion will still force residents to pay to park overnight. The best solution is to work with businesses so that employees and customers have parking. Many businesses have closed shop, but imagine what it will be like when things pick up again. Now that they have learned how to save money (by parking on the street), it will take a long time to change this behavior and once business picks up it will get much worst. It is simply not sustainable and in no way is permit parking a solution.

  5. Marty says:

    There are a couple of interesting stories about parking. The first one is how aggressive the City is in enforcing parking, and the second is how Beverly Hills is relaxing parking restrictions, with Santa Monica and other neighboring cities watching closely so they don’t lose business.

    We need to work with businesses so that customers have more options, and the area is competitive. It will benefit both the residents and businesses. As a resident, we need Melrose to thrive, but not at our expense. Getting the city involved is a bad idea. If you ever drive across the corners of Los Angeles, the city is huge ( All the parking tickets, coming from our area, will fund the city and not our community. This is a bad idea.

    Nov 15: Parking Traps: Can You Avoid Them?

    Dec 13: Parking Measures Have a Lot at Stake: Beverly Hills, realty firm back rival March initiatives.

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