Highland Gets Hipper

The stretch of Highland Avenue at the eastern border of our neighborhood just keeps getting hipper.

It wasn’t long ago that Highland was a dreary street, with virtually no life on it.  In the past few years, though, Highland has blossomed with the construction of cool live-work loft units, the opening of the phenomenally popular Mozza restaurant complex, and the more recent opening of chef Susan Feniger’s acclaimed restaurant Street.  The avenue also has benefited greatly from brand new landscaped medians, street trees, and lighting installed by the Hollywood Media District Business Improvement District.

Lately some high-end businesses have moved into the storefronts along Highland.  One of them is Blackman Cruz, a chic furniture and interiors store, which moved into the space formerly occupied by gay nightclub Probe.

It sounds like the renovation of the space into a high-end design shop went well.  So well, in fact, that co-owner Adam Blackman recently held his wedding there.  (I haven’t seen the new space, but I am sure it’s a great improvement over Probe, which was probably the most claustrophobic nightclub I ever set foot in.)

The Los Angeles Times Magazine covered the ceremony and reception in an article titled “Wedded in Wonderland: A farm-to-table reception is one thing – but one set in a former gay bar turned antiques bazaar? Now, that’s entertainment.”

The New York Times Magazine also highlighted the Highland-Melrose area in its “Design & Living Summer 2010” issue, discussing Blackman Cruz, Mozza, Street, and new stores Zainab, Domaine LA, Freecity, and Galarie Half.  You can see an interactive feature, “Highland Fling,” on the magazine’s web site.

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