Wine bars spreading through Melrose Village

What a difference a few years makes.  Not long ago we would travel to other cities and see beautiful wine bars in every neighborhood.  But there was nothing similar in Melrose Village.

Then a few years ago, the old Divine Pasta space on La Brea Avenue (just south of Melrose Avenue) was turned into a restaurant-wine bar-gourmet store called Cube.  It was really good, but still not exactly the wine bar we were pining for.  Then at last, a little over a year ago, Vinoteque on Melrose opened.  At last, we had a sophisticated and pleasant place to sip wine and eat wine-friendly foods.

Well, when it rains, it pours – wine bars that is.  Just a few doors east of Vinoteque, a new wine bar just opened.  It’s called Cellar 55, and it’s in the old Goodfella’s restaurant space.  The owners have done a nice interior renovation, and it looks like a good place to get a glass of wine.


There’s more to come.  Apparently the former chef of the late, great Italian restaurant All’Angelo is now turning the space into Tirovino Wine Bar.  I walked by a few days ago and saw the official public notice for it.


And of course, neighborhood favorite Blu Jam Cafe recently got its beer-wine license (after a multi-year struggle), adding to our wine-drinking options.

For local wine lovers, these are good times.

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