Obscene signage removed from Melrose storefront

Good news – obscene signage has been removed from a Melrose storefront.  The owner of this property has covered up the sign (see photo), and has even canceled the lease of the “lingerie and love shop” that had planned to open there.  This particular storefront, on Melrose Avenue near the corner of Curson, is right next door to a pet store that is popular with families.

The obscene signage had angered many community members, especially those with small children.

The story was covered in the most recent issue of the Beverly Press.

This solving of a community problem is a good example of what can happen when people work together.  In this case, residents, commercial property owners, and neighborhood activists worked together to remove a sign that was obviously offensive and inappropriate.  Thanks also to the office of City Council member Paul Koretz for looking into the legality of the signage.

Let’s keep working together to improve Melrose Village in many other ways.

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4 Responses to Obscene signage removed from Melrose storefront

  1. Eric Wycoff says:

    Well done gentlemen.

  2. Chuck Novack says:

    When I first saw this storefront, I contacted many public officials and the media outlets. Many thanks to Councilmember Koretz (and his District Director Joan Pelico) for their diligence as well to Ian Lovett of the Beverly Press for his as-tasteful-as-it-good-be story and photos.
    (Regarding the other media and politicians … my emails’ “Subject Line” was the name of the store. Perhaps they thought that they received a obscene letter!)
    Most of my kudos are for the landlord. With as many vacancies that Melrose has, the owner of the property has the most to lose. His concern for the neighborhood is commendable.

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