New permit parking zone – meeting on Thursday Nov. 4

A new permit parking zone has been proposed for our neighborhood. The borders would be Willoughby Avenue to the north, Fairfax Avenue to the west, Beverly Boulevard to the south, and Sierra Bonita Avenue to the east.  Residents have been working for years to get a permit parking zone in this area. They say they often can’t find parking, because employees from The Grove, Farmers Market, and other businesses park for multiple hours on their residential blocks. There are many old apartment buildings in the area that were built with only a limited number of parking spots.  Some local businesses are opposed to the zone, however, because they are afraid their customers will be less likely to come to Melrose Village if they can’t find street parking.
A community meeting about the proposed zone will be held Thursday, November 4, 2010, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at Fairfax High School.  The meeting will be held in Room G-90, which is just east of the auditorium.  (The meeting flyer says it will be held in the auditorium, but the location has since been changed.)  If you are driving, you can park in the school lot at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.  Everyone is encouraged to attend, and to give a public comment.
Here is the announcement about the meeting from the City:
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7 Responses to New permit parking zone – meeting on Thursday Nov. 4

  1. eric wycoff says:

    The permit parking area should include the residential area all the way to La Brea the residents of these are also experiencing parking problems related to the businesses on La Brea and Melrose. If the restricted area only extends as far East as Sierra Bonita the surrounding residential areas that aren’t will be inundated with valet parking ,club and bar patrons, even now Detroit st. North of Melrose 1 block W of La Brea is littered with empty beer bottles and discarded food containers every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. The entire residential are of Melrose Village should be included,EW

  2. Most of the other blocks in the Melrose Village area do already have permit parking restrictions. If your block does not have restrictions, come to the meeting November 4, and talk to the City officials there about how to get them enacted.

  3. Rita Tateel says:

    I know lots of people who have permit parking and all of them say that if they had to do over, they would NOT want it. Yes, sometimes we experience parking issues–it’s especially difficult for those in apartment unit areas– but it’s nothing compared to what issues we will be dealing with if we simply want friends to come over or even worse, have a party!

    Once we go permit, there’s no turning back and trust me, it will change all of our lives for the worst and cost lots of money for something that should be free to us! On the 800 block of Sierra Bonita, we rarely have parking issues, but we will now if permit parking is established.

    I understand that the problem is worse for some closer to Melrose and those in apartment building areas, but the rest of us should not be forced to participate in something that will cost us money and become a major hassle.

  4. D Kaufman says:

    I agree with Rita! Permit parking is a nightmare if you want to have guests over. Friends get tickets because you forget to give them a pass, etc. And if you have a party, they want to charge you $2.50 for each guest permit!!!!!! It’s just a way for the City to extort more money from you.

  5. melrose neighbor says:

    did anyone propose overnight parking restrictions? at least with those you can opt in or not. weho parking permit type just pushes parking onto neighboring streets which is really unfair to anyone not buying in or who happens to live just outside the permit area. should we go with all over permits, please go as far north as santa monica and include the whole of melrose village!

    what happened at the meeting?

  6. If you did not attend the meeting but would still like to submit a comment to the City about the proposed permit parking zone, you have until December 6 to send in a letter with your comment. Click the link at the end of this posting to get information on where to send your letter.

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